Someone Marry Me (dir. John Asher)
Romantic comedy with a twist...it was all done in one shot.

Pacific Rim - TV Spot
Evil Dead - Theatrical Trailer 1

Elf-Man (dir. Ethan Wiley)
Christmas family film featuring Wee-man from MTV's Jackass as the title character.
Out now on DVD through Anchor Bay.
Official Site

Total Recall - Theatrical Trailer 1
The Amazing Spider-man - Theatrical Trailer 3
Dark Knight Rises - Theatrical Trailer 2 and TV Spots
Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows - Theatrical Trailer 1
The Avengers - Theatrical Trailer 2
Underworld: The Awakening - Theatrical Trailer 1
Snow White and the Huntsmen - TV Spot

Satin (dir. Chris Olness)
Feature length comedy starring Melissa Joan Hart, Robert Guillame and Hamilton Van Watts.
Available on DVD and airing on Showtime.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Theatrical Trailer 1
Ghost Rider - Theatrical Trailer 1
Captain America - Theatrical Trailer 2
American Horror Story - TV Spot
The Grey - Theatrical Trailer 1
Contagion - Theatrical Trailer 1
X-men: First Class - TV Spot

John Doe (dir. Shawnette Heard)
Short film drama portraying the life of a homeless man in downtown Los Angeles.

Thor - Theatrical Trailer
Red Riding Hood - Theatrical Trailer
The Last Airbender - Theatrical Trailer
Nightmare on Elm Street - TV Spot
Wolfman - TV Spot
Ninja Assassin - Theatrical Trailer

Sheeps and Wolves (dir. Jamie Yukich)
Short film drama portraying the life of a homeless man in downtown Los Angeles.

Deadgirl (dir. Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel)
Official selection of the Toronto Film Festival. The feature stars Shiloh Fernandez and Noah Segan.
Out now on DVD through Dark Sky Films. Available to view through Netflix's Instant View. http://www.hollywoodmade.com/index.html

Macho (dir. Rafael Palacio Illingworth)
AFI produced feature film by first time writer/director Rafael Palacio Illingworth.
Currently available through IFC Films on demand.
http:// http://www.ifcfilms.com/films/macho

District 9 - Theatrical Trailer
Men Who Stare at Goats - TV Spot

Vacancy (additional music, dir. Nimrod Antal)
Feature length theatrical release starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. Wrote additional music under composer Paul Haslinger (Underworld, Blue Crush, Turistas)

Released on DVD August 14th, 2008.

Black Ops (dir. Roel Reine)
Feature length First Look release starring Lance Henrickson and James Russo. Joseph also completed the sound design and sound editing on the film.

Released on DVD May 2008.

The Inner Circle (dir. Camille Poisson)
Feature length drama.
Recently completed post production.

Brutal (dir. Ethan Wiley)
Feature length horror film featuring Jeffery Combs.
Released on DVD through Lions Gate in July of 2007.

The Blackwater Valley Exorcism (dir. Ethan Wiley)
Feature length thriller from the writer of House and House 2.
Released on DVD through Lions Gate in October 2006.

Caesar and Otto (dir. David Campfield)
Feature length comedy from the director of Under Surveillance.

Hoboken Hollow (additional music, dir. Glen Stephens)
Feature length thriller featuring C. Thomas Howell, Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen and Jason Connery.
Out on DVD now in the U.K. Expected U.S. release soon to follow.

Under Surveillance (dir. David Campfield)
Winner Best Feature Score at Long Island International Expo.

Feature length horror/thriller film by up and coming writer-director David Campfield.
Available now on DVD.

Prey (dir. Greg Blohm and Dustin Mueller)
Short experimental horror film.

Coup De Grace (dir. Ian & Dominic Higgins)
Short war drama featuring live action mixed with cgi.

The Dinner (dir. Liri Q.)
Short comedy shot in Boston. Played at New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

Time and Again (dir. Daniel Small)
Short sci-fi thriller. Winner of Special Recognition Award at the Boston International Film Festival. Played at over 10 more festivals

The Wolf Who Came in From the Cold (dir. Ian & Dominic Higgins)
Short cgi fairy tale drama. Winner of Best Animation at 2003 Hollywood MiniDV Festival and 2004 TIC Short Digital Film Festival. Also a winner of Audience Choice Award at the TIC Short Digital Film Festival. Official selection of the New York Short Film Festival.

Impending Doom and Ralph (dir. Joseph Bauer)
Short comedy directed by the composer.

Father & Son (dir. Li Wong)
Short documentary on a grieving father who lost his son, a Harvard student.

A Winter Poem (dir. Li Wong)
Short experimental film.

Iron & Air (dir. Li Wong)
Short documentary about iron workers.