As a child in Michigan, Joseph first discovered the charm of film music in such movies as Batman, Beetlejuice, and Edward Scissorhands. These films introduced him to a world where he could be scared, excited, or deeply moved by more than just the story or characters. He discovered that film music was an integral character as well, setting the mood and guiding the story with a personality all its own.

Joseph started his composing career in Boston, scoring many of the Boston University, Emerson College and Boston College short films. After moving to Los Angeles, he immediately began work on independent feature films, and eventually assisted composer Paul Haslinger on his score to the film Vacancy with Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. In addition to scoring many short films, and contributing music to trailers and TV spots for The Amazing Spider-man, Pacific Rim, Total Recall, Inception, Dark Knight Rises, and many more, Joseph's credits includes full length scores for over ten feature films and original sound design and sound editing for three. One of his most acclaimed, Deadgirl, premiered at the 2008 Toronto Film Festival to great word of mouth and a sold out screening before going onto FantasticFest, AFI Film Festival, and over fifteen other film festivals around the world. Joseph's other recent credits include the 2012 family comedy Elf-man starring Jason "Wee-man" Acuna in the title role, in addition to the comedy Satin, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Robert Guillame, the thrillers Black Ops, starring Lance Henrickson, and Brutal with Jeffery Combs, the drama The Inner Circle featuring Mariette Hartley, and AFI alumni Rafael Palacio Illingworth's debut film, Macho, recently released through IFC Films. Joseph also composed additional music on the films Vacancy, with Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale under composer Paul Haslinger, and Hoboken Hollow starring Dennis Hopper and Michael Madsen. His first feature score, written for the Thriller Under Surveillance, won him a best feature film score award at the Long Island International Expo in 2006.